Supreme Motors

KSB SuPremE® in IE5* – The World‘s
Most Efficient Magnet-less Pump Motor

Energy savings of 70 % or more are possible
The speed-controlled KSB SuPremE® motor works like an energy diet: The large efficiency gain of up to 60 % due to speed control is increased even further by an energy saving of up to 15 % in the motor alone..

Future-proof with efficiency class IE5
Meets the IE5* efficiency requirements.

Built completely without magnetic materials, its total environmental footprint is significantly smaller than that of permanent-magnet synchronous and asynchronous motors.

The use of non-critical, durable materials, as well as the fully matured reluctance principle make the KSB SuPremE® motor* a durable, reliable drive that is in no way inferior to other types of drive.

Wherever there is room for an IE2 asynchronous motor,
a KSB SuPremE® motor with identical connecting dimensions
can also get the work done efficiently.

The diagram shows the efficiency curve plotted over the load
of a 7.5 kW, 1500 rpm KSB SuPremE® motor in comparison to
a 2-pole, IE3 asynchronous motor. Load profile to “Blue Angel”