Privacy Policy

This website is run by T4B Services Ltd., registered and resident at T4B Services Ltd Canter Business Centre, Patri Felicjan Bilocca Street, Marsa MRS 1524, Malta. Malta. We regard your privacy as important and are hereby informing you about the information we gather when you visit our site and its sub-pages, and how that information is used.

1. Data Collected:

As in most web sites, this site automatically logs certain information about every request made of it. This information logged is: (a) The name or network address of the computer making the request (note that under some, but not all, circumstances it may be possible to infer from this the identity of the person making the request. Further note that the data recorded may be that of a web proxy rather than that of the originating client), (b) The date and time of connection, (c) the HTTP request, which contains the identification of the document requested and (d) the status code of the request. This information is used for system administration, for bug tracking, and for producing usage statistics. The logged information may be kept indefinitely and disclosed to external third parties for analysis and/or interpretation.

2. Data Requested:

When we need information that personally identifies you (personal data) or allows us to contact you this will be clear and self-evident from the site itself.

3. Data Disclosed:

When you register, or otherwise give us personal information, T4B Services Ltd. will not share that information with third parties without your permission, other than for the limited exceptions which will be clearly listed on the page from which you are submitting the information. We use the personal data which you have made available to us exclusively for technical administration of the web pages and to fulfill your wishes and requests. T4B Services Ltd. does not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disseminate your personal data to third parties, unless this is required for the purpose of the contract or unless you have given express consent to do so.

4. Use of Cookies:

Cookies are strings of text containing information about you, which can be stored in your computer and sent to other web sites. T4B Services Ltd. does not use cookies and will not collect any information about you when you visit our web site, except that discussed in items 1 and 2 above.

5. Security:

T4B Services Ltd. takes all of the necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from being lost or misused.

6. Access to information:

You have a right of access to your own personal data held by T4B Services Ltd. Access requests must be made in writing, with enough information to find the data requested and proof that you are the data subject. As a result, T4B Services Ltd. will need two proofs of identity like a copy of your birth certificate, passport, ID or a driving license. You can request such access by writing to our registered address or via email to

Upon receipt of our information you may wish to demand rectification or amendments to any fields of data which are not correct.

7. Accuracy of Data:

Due to its’ obligations under the Data Protrection Act, T4B Services Ltd. strives to keep your personal data accurate and up to date. The best way to be sure is to tell us about any relevant changes in your circumstances. If you think that your personal data is inaccurate, you can write explaining why and asking us to correct it.

8. Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, T4B Services Ltd. owns the copyright in all material on this site and any unauthorised reproduction, quotation, replication or re-use is strictly prohibited.

9. Contact

T4B Services Ltd. is Data Controller in terms of the Data Protection Act. We welcome your comments or queries regarding this data protection statement, please contact us by email ( or postal mail. Should you choose to contact us by e-mail, we would like to point out that the confidentiality of the information sent cannot be guaranteed. The contents of e-mail messages can be read by third parties. We therefore recommend you send us confidential information only by post.