Building Materials

Provision of quality material and technical solutions for the construction market including:

      • Waterproofing Solutions
      • Thermal Insulation Solutions
      • Humidity Control products and systems
      • Aesthetic Finishes and Textures
      • Restoration and Renovation Products

The Building Materials Division provides a wide range of building materials amongst which are adhesives and grouting for all types of tiles, internal and external breathable plasters, external coatings as well as paints and cement-based plasters for diverse uses. The paints, plasters and coatings available offer a wide range of pleasing aesthetic finishes and textures that come in a variety of colours. Some of the main specialised building materials provided are for waterproofing above and below grade structures, waterproofing for roofs, terraces, swimming pools, wells and reservoirs. Building materials division has an ever growing range of products and solutions amongst which are restoration and renovation products based on lime as well as plasters for humidity control.